New Snom Dial Plan

We have just deployed lots of snom 370's this month. We thought that we should put up our dial plan. Thanks to Nicegear for the most of this work Straight dialing with no number for ourside line !^([2-9][0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(0[34679][2-9]{1}[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(1[0-9]{2})$!1@d!d !^((0800|0508)[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(0900[0-9]{5})$!1@d!d !^(02102[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(021[346789][0-9]{5})$!1@d!d !^(02889[0-9]{4})$!1@d!d !^(02[46789][0-9]{7})$!1@d!d !^(0261[0-9]{5})$!1@d!d !^(0262[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(0210[^2][0-9]{5})$!1@d!d !^(021[^0][0-9]{6})$!1@d!d Dialing with 1 for ourside line !^(1[2-9][0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(10[34679][2-9]{1}[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(1(0800|0508)[0-9]{6})$!1@d!d !^(10900[0-9]{5})$!1@d!d…

Siemens A580IP on special till 15th Feb

Kiwi VoIP is giving all NZ the chance to get a Siemens A580IP and connection for only $179. This will include a local number in your town or city (or port your current one), 2000 local mins and 250 mins for NZ landlines and 39 countries. Get in quick limited stock in NZ call 0800 NZVOIP or email